Maximum Assets Limited is an EU Investment Firm regulated by the Estonia Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC), number 114/10, licensed to offer Reception, Transmission and Execution of Orders, Dealing on Own Account and safe-keeping of client financial instruments.

Maximum Assets Limited was established in 2017 and received its regulatory license from CySEC in March 2018.

Maximum Assets Limited has 8 operational departments, independent Compliance, AML and Risk Officers and the external auditors are Grant Thornton Estonia.

The 5-member Board of Directors of Maximum Assets Limited is made up of 3 Executives and 2 Non- Executive Independent Directors vetted and approved by CySEC. The Board and Management team of Maximum Assets Limited are all licensed professionals, Cypriot nationals and resident of Estonia.

Maximum Assets Limited is a member of the Estonia Investor’s Protection Fund.

The headquarters of Maximum Assets Limited is based in Nicosia, the capital of Estonia.